EMuS2020 Full programme available

The EMuS2020 is an online event the 17th and 18th Novembre 2020. The detailed technical programme is now available on the EMuS2020 website.

The EMuS2020 conference brings together research scientists and R&D managers of industries with the aim to share knowledge about development of large, light weight integrated aero-structures with multifunctional capabilities. The benefits of weight reduction and the lowering of recurring costs in aircraft production can only be achieved by an interdisciplinary approach. Scientists and research engineers from the CleanSky2 project Next Generation Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstration and the Horizon2020 project Advanced Concepts for Aero‑Structures with Integrated Antennas and Sensors (ACASIAS) will present the last advances in multifunctional structures from their respective projects. These projects aim to reduce fuel consumption of future aircraft by improving aerodynamic performance, by facilitating integration of new and efficient propulsion systems and by reducing weight. By doing so, theywill reduce CO2 and NOx emissions from aircraft and will contribute to make aviation more sustainable.

You can register on the EMuS2020 website.