Objectives and Innovations

The overall objective of ACASIAS is to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption of future aircraft by improving aerodynamic performance and by facilitating the integration of novel efficient propulsion systems such as contra-rotating open rotor (CROR) engines.

Four innovative aero-structures with integrated systems are developed and evaluated:

Acasias Four innovative aero-structures

Innovative technologies

ACASIAS innovations will encompass several domains and disciplines involved in the project, such as antenna design, composite process manufacturing, Radio-Frequency (RF) and structural analysis, leading to:

New technology manufacturing process

for assembling two different materials carbon and transparent dielectrics into a hybrid composite structure for the realization of RF transparent skins and embedded antennas.

New process for manufacturing of grid stiffened panels

for fuselage structures with integrated antennas and smooth aerodynamic quality.

New concepts for installation

of antennas integrated into composite structures with a very high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

New concepts for integration

of wiring, sensors and actuators in composite fuselage panels for active structural acoustic noise level reduction with minimal impact on weight.